Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sesame Street, Sickness, and Sewing

WARNING: This is a very random post. There is no rhyme or reason to what is shared below...simply a post of the random things of life in our home.

Well, our home was recently hit with unknown sickness. Poor Boo got hit the hardest with an extremely high fever and small tummy upset. She was so pitiful. This was her first time being sick and she really was an easy patient. She drank her activated charcoal which quickly took care of the tummy problem. The fever has been a whole different story. It just keeps hanging on. Boo is a trooper though and dutifully takes her meds while watching copious amounts of Sesame Street. Since there are only a few songs that she likes and that we approve of...the Major and I have caught ourselves singing them throughout the day. Suffice it to say, we can now count to four while singing about chickens, penguins, and monsters.

Here are some pictures of our sweet sick girl:

Drinking her activated charcoal

Such a sweet face!

Resting on Daddy's chest...her favorite place

Watching Sesame Street on Mommy & Daddy's bed

One other random thing that I am totally stoked about...my sewing table! I was perusing Craigslist last week as I normally do and came across a beautiful desk that would fit perfectly in our room and work as my sewing table. We got it for steal and now my sewing machine has it's own little corner and I can actually use it to my heart's delight! I can't wait to get started since I have several projects waiting for me.


  1. I love you sweetie! You are amazing! mfg

  2. Awesome blog and congrats on the Uganda adoption. I had no idea. How exciting. Your daughter is so cute. I bought Lauren one of those scarfs for night times and she ripped if right off.
    Take Care-

  3. What a trooper! They are so pitiful when they're sick... but so so sweet :)

    And thanks for such nice comments! I'm shooting with a Nikon D70. I'm honestly just now really learning to take advantage of everything it offers, but I haven't mastered using it to the fullest while chasing the twins yet!