Sunday, June 14, 2009


I thought I'd start out my new posts by introducing everyone to our sons.

Togaya is turning 3 at the end of this month. He is our Hunter man-child and full of energy! He loves to jump, run, and throw balls. He's my chatty-Chuck and can talk a blue streak. He's smart as a tac and can learn how to do something after only watching you once. He also loves music and singing and can often be heard around the house belting out his ABC's or Old MacDonald. He loves his siblings and overwhelms them with his hugs and kisses. He is very protective and gets upset if he sees them crying. He loves cuddle time with Mommy and thinks Daddy is the best soldier ever!

Togaya was brought to the orphanage by his mom and left there. His dad had abandoned them when she was 4 months pregnant with him. When she became pregnant his step-sister by another man, she brought Togaya to the orphanage. In Uganda, a man will not raise another man's child. The child either is thrown out of the house or is reduced to the level of a slave. In Togaya's case he was sent to live in the orphanage where we adopted him from. His mom released him to us and we will send her pictures and updates twice a year.

Moses Emmanuel is our little miracle child. He is 18 months, but developmentally has been placed at a 9mon. level. He loves to smile and sucks his thumb when he's tired. He's extremely ticklish and his laughter is infectious. He quite the ham and will start to smile and flirt the minute he sees a camera. His favorite toy is a Fisher Price school bus that he will push all over the house. He giggles with pure joy when he pushed on the swing. He has earned the nickname "Scooter" for the way he scoots on his rear end along the floor.

Our little man was abandoned at birth down a pit latrine. He was heard screaming and rescued from certain death. We know nothing of his mother or her situation. As a result of his time in the latrine and ingesting the refuse, Moses got a serious brain infection that caused seizures and partial paralysis on his left side. We are beginning to work with doctors to restore his mobility. Most think that with proper nutrition and physical therapy he should be fine. We're praying and working towards complete healing.

So, those are my "pearls of Africa". I love them and look forward to growing together as a family.


  1. aaaw...lovely!!! I can´t wait to see you growing together as a family too :)
    good luck :)

  2. What beautiful children... and what hope for the future!

  3. Well, all I can say is that they are beautiful. And sweet. And darling. And...a perfect fit for your family!

  4. Welcome home! What a joy to see you all together, all of your kids are simply gorgeous!
    One of our sons has "special needs" but it is amazing what love, therapy and time can do!

  5. Maria- Proud of you for your adventurous spirit and partnership in this journey. Proud of you for taking care of these three amazing kids. I love and miss you and love your blog!
    You man,

  6. oh how I miss these guys!!

  7. Awww... I'm so glad to find you! I remember you from years ago when we both were on the boards and you were living in Korea!! Looks like you are doing well and have beautiful children! Congrats on the adoption of your 2 little boys!

  8. Hope all is well and adjusting to your new great life as the proud mama of 3! Looking forward to catching up and seeing more pictures and hear your wonderful wisdom and words!