Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun (?)

Last weekend I took Pvt Boo to the pumpkin patch with our local MOMS group. One of my dear friends and Boo's partner in crime, Mr. J, joined us for the adventure. Let's just say the day was a flop...and it wasn't the little ones' fault either. They were perfect gems.

I don't know about you, but when I think of October and going to the pumpkin patch memories of a brisk day with cool air and the delicious smell of fall soil fill my mind. Hot apple cider and hay stuck in your shorts and hair from the hay ride and rolling down the hay slide. Yeah...not one of those things happened.

The day was extremely HOT! No crisp fall air here. We did get a hay ride...without hay. (?) So, I guess technically it was just a ride. Oh and did I mention it was HOT and dusty?! We saw a few farm animals. Boo was too hot to be remotely interested in them...although Mr. J thought the baby chicks looked yummy enough to eat. When we finally got to the section where we could pick our pumkins both kids and the adults were so hot and thirsty that we quickly chose our souveniers, took a few pictures, and unanimously decided to head back home to air conditioning and iced tea. We enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out and watching the kids play together. They both were extremely happy to be out of the heat...and so were we!

Maybe someday I introduce Boo to a real pumpkin patch experience complete with hot apple cider and real hay! Here are some of the pictures we got that day:
Ready for an adventure

Moms & Kids on the hayless hay ride

Mr. J was totally ready to eat the baby chick! Yum!

They are so cute...but so hot. Poor dears!

Boo is clapping (are we done yet) while Mr J tries to see if her pumpkins is better than his.

Kisses for Momma!

This photo cracks me up! Between the look on Boo's face and Mr. J eating the sign, it totally depicts the day and our experience.


  1. Those are too stinking cute kids!

    Sorry you had crispy hot instead of crispy cool weather.

    I love the picture of Mr J and Boo on the moms laps...he's like "Boo your hair is always so pretty!"

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

  2. Hey! The temperature finally dropped here and it's starting to feel a "little" like fall. Does the state you live in even HAVE cool fall crisp days?!?!?! LOL - Give Miss Shiloh a squeeze for me!

  3. Oh, I wish you were here where it's cool and truly fall! (Mostly, just wish you were here or we were there!)

    Miss you, love you!

  4. Look at you with your cool new background. Love it!

  5. SHiloh is a CUTIE! can't believe how big she's getting. Looked like a little kid sitting on those pumpkins.

    love and hugs!