Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where does time go?

On September 29th, Pvt Boo turned 11 months. I really don't know where the time has gone. I've been pretty nostalgic lately as I've been realizing more and more that my baby isn't a baby any more. She's really coming in to her own lately and is turning into a little girl.

This month she started getting more and more independent. She plays on her own happily for long periods of time. I love to watch her interact with her toys and babble at them. I only wish I knew what she was telling them. She is also pulling herself up on everything! I have a feeling she'll be walking by the end of the year. She is such a happy and joyful child. Her smile just melts our hearts and constantly reminds us of the joy God must feel towards us...His children.

We are in the midst of planning her first birthday party with her Mom and extended family. It will be the first time that Boo will get to meet her biological cousins and aunts and uncles. Part of me is extremely nervous, the other part is thankful and excited. I want Boo to always know how deeply she is loved, not only by us, but also by her other family. Love placed her in our arms and Love is what continues to hold her and support her. Please pray for our time with her extended family, that God would give us grace and wisdom as we learn how to walk in an open adoption.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Pvt Boo from last month. Enjoy!


  1. I love the pics! Hi sweet girl!! :o)

  2. She is so beautiful! I can't believe how much she's grown. Your blog is a blessing from the Lord! I've enjoyed reading it.
    In Christ, Charys

  3. Maria! Check it out. I am right next to you now on the RLC Blogroll. Woot woot!