Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adoption Update

I know I am terribly overdue for this, but life happens. =) We are still working on an adoption from Uganda although the landscape continues to morph as we travel this road. Our journey will be a little different than most international adoptions, so I ask for everyone's patience as we experience this adventure God has called us on.

The first change you should be aware of is that we have switched agencies. Not long after finishing our international homestudy, the agency we were working with alerted us to the fact that due to some issues in-country, they were shutting down their Uganda program. We were disappointed, but not discouraged. We knew God had other plans. We were put in touch with another group that works out of this area and instantly fell in love with the couple who are overseeing it. They are true kindred spirits and our 1 hour meeting with them turned into 4 hours of blessed fellowship. We are not only impressed with their walks, but also their activities within the country and total dedication to working above board in all they do.

This brings us to our next per our agreement with this new agency, I won't be able to blog much about the process. I will give you general updates as I can, but all details will need to be held until we return to the States with our children. I will keep blogging as things progress, but will not post them until we're united as a family.

Some other general updates:
  • We have finished our international homestudy and are just waiting for USCIS approval for the children's visas.
  • We have not been matched yet, but are hoping to hear something soon!
  • Our time in Uganda will be longer than originally planned. I'll be there closer to 5 weeks as opposed to 3. I'm truly excited about this! I look forward to getting to know where my kids are from and the traditions their culture well as the food. I can't wait to interact with them in their known environment before bringing them to the States. It should be a wonderfully educating experience!
  • It is looking like we will be bringing home 2 children instead of 3. We are not closing the door on this yet, but just waiting with open hands for the Lord's will.

So, that's about all I have to update right now. Feel free to ask questions...I will answer them openly if I can, and if not, you will receive an answer privately. We truly appreciate all the prayers and thoughts everyone has sent our way. We feel very supported through this process and know that God is working.


  1. The adoption will continue to be in my prayers, along with safe travels to Uganda and back. God bless you and your family.

  2. My prayers are with you there is such a need in Uganda.. I will be following..
    Katie <><

  3. Yay, glad to hear you're joining the non-blogging crowd...simply because I know what that means! WE'RE GOING TO THE SAME PLACE! ;o)

    I didn't realize you are already waiting for approval from immigration. Congrats!


  4. This is so awesome! I wasn't aware that you guys were even looking into adopting more, decided our family wasn't big enough yet (hehe) you guys are in my prayers! Have a safe trip!