Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking Baby Steps

I know I left you all with a rather frustrating post. Soon after writing that post, we jumped into the holiday mayhem and have only just this weekend returned to some sense of normalcy. I have several new posts and thoughts to share with you, but I wanted to start off the year with a smile.

My first post of 2009 will be of my sweet daughter who chose to take her first steps last night. We were delighted and amazed as she finally trusted herself to be able to walk. As I watched her joy and happiness with each step and then finally fall into the arms of her dad...I thought of our own personal walks with the Lord. What joy it must bring God when we finally "walk" in our faith. When we take those first baby steps in trusting His will for our lives. And then, the joy in our own hearts as we realize that we are walking in His presence and falling into His arms in pure joy at the feeling of freedom it brings us.

May each of you start this year walking in His presence and will. Even if all you can do are baby steps will be running by the end of the year straight into the arms of loving Father.


  1. awesome. So true! What a great picture!

  2. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! :o) What a cutie.

    I see you are adopting from WH. We are too. :o) Our HS is completed, however, we've hit a bump with some paperwork. Lord willing, we'll still travel in April or May. :o)

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