Monday, April 20, 2009

Life is a...rollercoaster!

No offense to Rascal Flatts, but my current life is definitely more like a rollercoaster...not a highway. Highways are usually long, straight, smooth, and fast. When you think of riding life's highway there is a feeling of restful journeying. Nope...not my life. My life is definitely a rollercoaster. You know the feeling of anticipation as your adrenaline starts to pump. Those brief moments of starting up the hill as you anxiously look forward to the coming drop and then that split second when you see the drop and wonder what the h*** you were thinking getting on the ride in the first place. This is inevitably followed by sheer terror as you are thrown down the hill and through several more ups and downs as you try to catch your breath, take in what is happening, and hold on for dear life.

The last month has been an overwhelming journey of ups and downs, excitement and fear. I have not been able to blog about any of it because I honestly just didn't have the time or emotional energy. I am hoping to get a bit caught up here because I will be starting the next big adventure of our life in 2 days.

At the end of March, we left for the East coast to attend my sister's wedding and while there received the long awaited news that we had finally received a court date for our little men. That began a whole new set of preparations as the reality of our kids coming home soon hit our hearts. We are overjoyed and praying that everything moves smoothly once we're there.

In this midst of this joyful news we got stopped in our tracks by one phone call telling us that the Major was being transfered to another unit and needed to prepare to be deployed in July. I cannot put into words just how fast my world went haywire with that one thought. We began to pray and do more research on this deployment and found out that the position they wanted him to fill he didn't have the training needed. We sent up alot of prayers and a request to be released from this position. God was gracious and we received word just last week that they were releasing him from this deployment. And informed us that he is up for another position on active duty that would allow us to have full benefits, but stay right where we are doing the same thing we're doing. This would be a HUGE answer to prayer for us.

We know the Major will be deployed at some point in the next few years. I am just praying we get at least one year with the boys home so that they can really bond and we can figure out what we look like as a family.

We also recently figured out that I didn't have enough money to make it while in country and had really exhausted every possible avenue to get the needed amount on such short notice with no success. Again, stress was high and we hit our knees asking God to provide. This morning at the last minute the exact amount that we needed came in through a door that we had thought was closed. God is so good! Now I simply have to finish packing my last bag and I am set to get on an airplane that will take me to my sons! It is almost surreal to think that before the week is over I will actually be holding them in my arms.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the last month for you to enjoy.

My beautiful, baby sis and her new hubby

Family shot at the wedding. Boo did great as a flowergirl apart from falling dead asleep 5 minutes before the ceremony. I ended up carrying her down the aisle.

Such a cool shot! No...this is not where they honeymooned.

Aren't they cute?! They are so in love!


All the Lebanese Cousins from my mom's side

A normal picture of all my cousins...gotta love family!

Easter @ Grandma's house.
Boo is wearing the Easter dress my youngest sister used to wear.

Hunting eggs...she really enjoyed throwing them in the basket.

The loot...she was a mess within about 5 minutes of this shot.


  1. oh our life sounds very similar right big roller coaster...and big tears from me last night thinking, "Good Lord what is happening!?!? What are we doing!?!" However, those moments are fleeting and then excitement returns. Are house is still a junk yard full of construction stuff....

    But Soon and VERY soon, we'll be heading your way to hopefully have a day or two to say hello, and meet those cuties of yours. :o)

    Have a GREAT trip.

  2. Boo is adorable, of course. :-)

    I am so glad things are working out for you!!!!!!!

  3. Ok... where are these other pics of Paige and Motz? Is there a site we can look at and order some?

  4. Maria my love,
    I am amazed at this wild journey that we are on together. I am so proud of you and am excited for your great work in Uganda. I am counting the days till we are back together again in Uganda. Until then, know that you are my beloved! Mark