Tuesday, March 3, 2009

General update on life as we know it...

I know things have been silent on my end for quite a while now. That is not because there isn't a TON I would like to write about. It kills me to not be able to share openly about each step...but I'll make it and will share everything soon enough once we're home as a family of 5!

We have been so busy lately prepping for so many things in the making. I have finally gotten T & M's room just about finished and am starting to put together all the fun stuff to take with us to Uganda.

We recently received new pictures of our little men and I wept as I looked at the beautiful boys who will be my sons. God has been so good to our family and I am anxious to hold these little ones in my arms soon.

In the meantime we're also busy preparing for my little sister's wedding. I can't believe she's old enough to get married, but I am so thankful for the man she is marrying. They will be extremely happy and I look forward to being able to discuss "wifey" things with her soon.

The Major and I recently went to a Brooks & Dunn concert at Universal Studios Amphitheater. It was a ton of fun...but even more so, just being together. We haven't been very good at being consistent with our date nights and special outings, so this was a long time in coming for us. The only bummer was that it rained that evening, so we couldn't ride the Harley there. Otherwise, it was a night full of good music and fun.

Boo is doing well...still growing like a weed and really making huge developmental jumps. She's nearly running around the house now and has gotten her fair share of fat lips and bruises. She is starting to identify body parts now and is slowly starting to say words. I know she knows more than she is letting on...her comprehension of what we're saying is astounding at times. She also recently became the co-owner (with her brothers) of a new table and chairs for them to color on and do art projects. Mommy is already very thankful for a place to make messes without destroying the house. She is starting to get the hang of coloring. We have figured out that markers are her best medium since the crayons end up getting eaten. YUCK!

So, as you can see we're doing well...just extremely busy and looking forward to some major changes in our lives soon.


  1. Ah yes, the infamous crayon eater. We had a couple of those too. You could find coloured wax in their teeth occasionally. Hmmmm....I wonder how THAT got there? LOL!

  2. No it's even more interesting when it ends up in the diaper! Yeah...

    And no way is Paige old enough to get married...and just be sure to scare with lots of horrible wifey stories...jk!

    I can't wait to "meet" the boys as well and you must show pictures of the rooms at least! That you can show off right?? Then we can pretend we're seeing pictures of them.

    Kudos for you guys sticking to some kind of date night...bummer on the rain though!

  3. I meant "room" not "rooms"


  4. :o) Love the kiddo's new table! Where'd y'all get that. We need one! I am big on kids arting--yes, I just made up my own verb.

    Way to go Mom! Art messes are good messes!