Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuff & Swashbucklers

In this journey of adoption there are moments of crazy stress and pushing to get all the paperwork together. You have a huge list of things to collect and get signed...and many times that list seems never-ending. And then, one day you actually have it all done and are able to hand it off. Your desk seems unusually clean and your to-do list drops off to nearly nothing. It's a bit disconcerting at times because you quickly realize how much of your daily focus was on the adoption process and getting the list done, and suddenly there's nothing more you can do but wait.

I hate waiting...(imagine me saying this with a Spanish accent for all you Princess Bride lovers)

As you may have deduced, we are in that part of the process right now. Our dossier (think ridiculously huge stack of papers) was sent away to Uganda yesterday and now we simply wait to hear when our court date will be...which will determine our travel date to pick up the boys. It was quite amazing this morning to look at my desk and see that it only had 1 manila folder on it...not 6. And I keep feeling like I have something that needs done or someone to call only to realize that it is all done.

Since I hate waiting...I have been keeping busy prepping for the boys' homecoming and our upcoming trip. I have been collecting all kinds of fun stuff to take with me to keep them active and trying to finish up their room. Each one will have his own backpack filled with cool stuff to ignite their imagination and creativity. I've also discovered the little men's clothing sizes, so we're starting to fill their clothes drawers as well...(thank you Aunt Paula & Anna!)
One of the cool things I came across in my shopping yesterday was a foam/rubber swashbuckler sword for only $1. (Again, think Princess Bride: You killed my father...prepare to die!) Anyway, I thought they were perfect for our little men and the Major would love them too. I quickly found out that I made a HUGE mistake in only purchasing two. Within minutes of showing them to the Major, he handed one to Boo and they were off battling it out together. Soon they were attacking me and I had nothing to defend myself, I'll be back at Target soon to purchase three more: one for each member of the family. I am looking forward to many sword fights with our kids!


  1. Saw your comment on Jena's blog. We are a W Home family :)

  2. 1. Last year I taught 8th grade Lit. We read The Princess Bride as a class and watched the movie. The book was infinitely better than the movie, however, they were both so much fun! The kids LOVED them.

    2. YOUR bedroom floor looks rather like OUR bedroom floor. I wonder why?

    3. Got our homestudy, only to discover my name AND Jeff's name were incorrect. Why oh why?!?!

    4. God is Sovereign.

    p.s. We came very close to purchasing those same swords...just might go back. :o)

  3. I Love this post! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  4. I remember that wonderful feeling getting all the papers mailed off! Congrats on that part! Before long you'll be sitting on the airplane!!!

  5. Personally I love the photoshopped family photo! I love it!

    I started digging through clothes today...found some cute things...will keep digging and then I'll send away!