Monday, August 11, 2008

The Major

The Major is the rock and leader extraordinaire of our little tribe. He's the joy of my heart and my hero. He is truly a man after God's own heart.

In our current journey the Major is focusing on several different areas. He is working with the US Army training new officers in a local university through the ROTC program. Within that job he is discipling several of the young men. We both love our work with these cadets and are thoroughly enjoying the youthful enthusiasm and chaos that they bring to our lives.

The Major is also on a steep learning curve on what it looks like to be a Daddy...and he is doing an awesome job! His daughter (Private Boo) is totally in love with her Papa and gets so excited each evening when he comes home. Mornings have become a special time for the two of them. Papa feeds his little girl and reads her the Bible for a little devotional. I hope this becomes a habit for them that will lead to precious memories and sharing in the future. He is learning early to tie the heart strings of his daughter to his own.

Last, but not fact it is his favorite thing to do right now, is being a student in the Word of God. The Major is continuing his studies in seminary and loving every minute of it. This summer he dove into "Gladiator Greek". It's an intensive 8 weeks of learning to read and comprehend Biblical Greek. His times in the Word this last year were very special and I always looked forward to his homecoming. His eyes would be shining and usually he had something to share that he had learned.

There is much more to the Major, but for now this is a great overview of who he is and what he's currently up to. Hopefully, I'll get the other introductions written this week as well. Until then, LIVE BRAVE!

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