Monday, August 18, 2008

A Sweeter Song

Last night I was reading through my blog list and came across a post that had me in tears and I'd thought I'd share some of my thoughts here.

First, here's a portion of the post from her blog:
I recalled a quote I read years ago in a Max Lucado book (ironically, I think the title has something to do with a storm...). It told the story of a very young girl who was playing her violin at a concert and there was no question she was a prodigy, gifted well beyond her years. But while her fingers danced on the strings, a man in the audience leaned over to his friend and said, "Can you imagine how beautiful it will be once she's had her heart broken?"

I don't know why, but after reading that last quote my mind turned to my infertility. It isn't something I think about alot, but for some reason this specific quote really hit me hard... "Can you imagine how beautiful it will be once she's had her heart broken?"

It's true. I think about my life and specifically my desire to have children and it would have been beautiful and amazing to have been able to give birth to our children. BUT it has been even more beautiful wallking through the adoption journey that brought us to Pvt Boo and will eventually lead us to our other recruits. It hasn't been easy and there have been many tears shed in the process. In fact, I had to be broken first in order to be able to receive this gift.

Sorrow is not something we run after. It's not something we purposefully pray for, but when it does come into our lives, we need to trust that the Lord is doing something in us that only brokenness can bring about. A pitcher that has been broken and put back together again will have cracks that leak water...and so our lives when broken and put back together by the Lord leak His presence and blessings all over those we come in contact with.

And just like the man observed...I hope that my song, the song the Lord is playing through me, is a sweeter song because of the brokenness I have experienced.


  1. Thanks for sharing Maria! I have really missed hearing from you and the wisdom you have to share. Love ya!

  2. Hey you. I just wanted to say your entry here touched me...and reasonated so deeply in me. I really believe this is where so much of Christ's power for us brokenness.

    But, Maria, no doubt He is making your song doubt He is calling, drawing and winning your heart to His in ways it never was before. I envy that in you. And I am reminded of the many times I have felt the same thing over the last few different ways...but there's beauty for brokeness..."may we be like crushed grapes, which like Christ, gave life to people"... - Lilias Trotter I love you!