Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sergeant Sunshine

And then there's me...Sgt Sunshine. I am incredibly blessed to be a part of this nomadic tribe. As keeper of the tents and provider of nourishment...I find myself fully engaged in life. I love making our tents a place of refuge and peace from the outside world for all who enter. I try to create an atmosphere where others are refreshed and feel the presence of the Lord surrounding them.

I am currently focused on Pvt. Boo full time. Between her and the Major's work with the cadets, my home is revolving door of people needing loved, fed, encouraged, and challenged. It keeps you on your toes. With the increase of cadets to 50 this semester, it will be interesting to see how busy it will actually get around here.

We're doing a new activity this semester...I had so many girls ask me to teach them to cook, that I am doing a once a week open house/cooking class. They will cook the meal for the evening and the others that want to come study, visit, or swim . I hope it goes will be an interesting experiment.

When I'm not loving my daughter and husband, I try to find time to work on digital scrapbooking, sewing different projects, and dabbling in my Doula work. I know this is a short season though...once the new recruits arrive I will be fully engaged in tying heart strings and homeschooling.

Well, this is a good start to this blog...I'll try to update more later on actual events in our lives. Until then, LIVE BRAVE! =)


  1. Hey Sunshine! Thank you...
    that's all I have to say! (oh and give pvt Boo a kiss for me!)

  2. wonderful! :-) Did you ever thinkg you'd be a sergeant sunshine? :-) I LOVE IT! laugh...bringing together both sides of God's call on you - war and joy.

    I can relate tooooo well to the nomadic lifestyle! hit me as we are looking at "baby tents" instead of God is with us. The Almighty is our fortress. I love you! Keep blogging!

  3. YEAH!!!! I have been missing you and was wondering how things are going!?! Looks like life is going to speeding up quickly for you! I'm not ususally very good at keeping up with blogs, but I'll do my best! Love you sis and know that we are praying for your new Ugandan recruits!

  4. I'm delighted! I have been planning to write you for weeks, but more than wanting to write, was the desire to hear from you. Now I've got it, and will surely enjoy keeping up with you this way. You can't know how good it was to see you recently!