Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Private Boo

Private Boo is our first "recruit" to this crazy journey that we're on. She is our blessing from God and we are treasuring every moment we have with her. Her smile is the first thing we see in the morning that lights up our day. She has taught us so much about ourselves in the short amount of time that she has been with us. She is a delight and joy and we look forward to many years together as God allows.

PVT Boo's favorite activity right now is crawling and exploring. She is starting to get into everything and "training" has begun on what is allowed and what is NOT allowed. Thankfully, she is a fast learner and lessons don't usually need to be repeated often.

Boo has also recently gotten very interested in books and loves us to read to her. Each night we have some time together on her new bed reading stories. I'm hopeful our girl will continue this love for books as she grows older.

Although we don't own a television and I don't want our recruits to watch alot of shows, etc. I have just recently allow Boo to watch certain episodes of Sesame Street. She loves the muppets and watches them intensely...every once in a while giggling at something they did that she thinks is funny. She especially likes when they sing...her current favorite song is Ernie singing "Do De Duck". It's pretty cute and even The Major got into it one time.

So that's a little intro on our Boo...I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about her in late posts. As always...Live Brave!

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